About Us

The Most Seamless, Free Card Trading Platform in the World.

Slabkick was started by a group of die-hard card enthusiasts who have traded cards over the past 20 years. We believe card trading should be as simple and easy as it was in-person, at a group hangout or in the back of the school bus. That’s why we built a platform for the global card trading community with 0.5% SELLER FEES to fight back against the monopoly that large online marketplaces have on card sellers. We offer customizable store pages, community social features, and live real-time auctions that other smaller third-party marketplaces don’t offer.

Lowest Selling Costs of Any Online Card Marketplace.

Buying cards on Slabkick is 100% free. Sellers only pay a rock-bottom 0.5% fee of the gross transaction price which goes directly into the upkeep and development of the site for our community to safely transact. Meanwhile, large online marketplaces like eBay (aka “FeeBay”) charge upwards of 9% - 13% per transaction and other third-party card sites charge anywhere from 1% - 10%. If you want to sell your slabs, you save significantly more on Slabkick.

Speed and Simplicity.

Our user-friendly platform makes it very easy for anyone to list, sell, buy and quickly receive their slabs. We strive to provide fair resolution for both buyers and sellers, customer-oriented support, and transparent rules for buying and selling. In order to protect the community from non-paying buyers or the permissive return policies enabled by the other platforms, we have a limited return policy.

Unparalleled Security.

With best-in-class site security and transactions powered by our partners at Stripe, our goal is to make sure your payments are safe and secure. We never see or store any of your payment information.

We accept all major forms of debit, credit and mobile wallet payment including Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, American Express, Discover and more. Crypto payments coming soon!

By Card Traders, For Card Traders.

At Slabkick, we get that it’s annoying to face stiff transaction fees charged by the large marketplaces and the unreliable transaction design or strict rules of “other” card e-marketplaces. Our platform is built to get rid of exactly these problems which our founding team of card traders and the online card community has faced over the past 20 years of selling slabs online.

We welcome your feedback on suggestions to make our marketplace better – please write to us at support@slabkick.com.

Icon credits: Anditii, Brickclay, Wichai Wi, Nithinan Tatal via Noun Project