Frequently Asked Questions

Policies: Buying Guidelines, Selling Guidelines, Return Policy

A slab is any trading card, like a sports or playing card, that has been authenticated and assigned a quality of condition ranking (aka graded) by an industry-recognized trading card authentication and grading company such as PSA, BGS/BVG, SGC, CGC and CSG. Only slabs graded by these industry-recognized card authorities can be listed on Slabkick. The word “slab” comes from the hard plastic casing which graded cards are kept in to protect them from wear-and-tear.

A wax pack, or wax for short, is an unopened pack of trading cards, including both sports and playing cards.

Slabkick is an online community card marketplace where anyone can buy or sell their slabs. You can buy slabs with or without creating an account. You can post slabs for sale after completing our easy seller registration process.

To get started, please read the brief buying guidelines which cover what to expect after making a purchase.

To get started, please register for a seller account and make sure to review the brief selling guidelines, which cover what to expect after making a sale.

No. Slabkick does not charge any fees to purchase cards.

The price you see on a listing is exactly the price you pay – there is no additional shipping cost. All shipping costs are handled by the seller.

Currently Slabkick offers support for domestic U.S. shipping only. We are working day and night to expand our geographic reach with the ultimate outlook of providing global support soon.

When buying slabs, you will never have to pay for something which you didn’t order. If your item arrives damaged, doesn't match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can generally return it within 30 days after receiving the item for a full refund. If you've changed your mind and want to return it, you can ask the seller if they'll still accept a return. When selling slabs, you’ll also be treated fairly. Refunds are not offered to buyers unless the slab received from the seller is damaged, not authentic, or different than what was originally ordered. For more details, see the full return policy.

Slabkick utilizes the Stripe secure payment marketplace for sellers, so your payments are always protected by Stripe. Stripe is used by millions of merchants worldwide including Fortune 500 companies such as Shopify, Google, Amazon, and Lyft.

Slabkick prides itself on providing the lowest-cost platform in the market with a 0.5% seller fee. Other marketplaces, both large and small, may charge upwards of 10% in seller commissions. Our fee is so low because it only helps us maintain the platform and develop new features that keeps the online card community thriving while being able to buy and sell slabs online safely and easily.

  • Minimal 0.5% seller fee per transaction (which goes toward site maintenance and development), which no other online platform can offer. No additional seller commissions, fees, or strings attached.
  • Ability to list slab or wax products as (1) Auctions, (2) Buy Outright, (3) Best Offer and (4) combinations. Aside from eBay (aka feeBay), other third-party marketplaces have limited tech in place to allow all four options.
  • Become part of a growing online community of trading card enthusiasts that is focused on the development of the online card community, NOT making huge seller’s fees.

Please see our Terms of Service.